Ethiopian Full Gospel Theological Seminary (EFGTS)

Brief description of needs

April 2016

Brief History

EFGBC is the largest indigenous Pentecostal church in Ethiopia with estimated number of members close to 9 million. This church was pioneered with no one single founder or organization, but as a result of a university and high school students’ revival back in 1965/66. This particular church has gone through severe persecution from traditional ecclesiastical authorities, also the communist DERG government till 1990. Currently, there is no region, zone or whatsoever in Ethiopia this particular church is not represented.  

As the immense need of education from this large membership, also all protestant Christians in the nation, who count close to 20 million, EFGTS exists to train ministers, pastors, evangelists, home and cross cultural missionaries. In order to accomplish this goal, the Seminary is engaged in various levels of programs from lower certificate to the PhD.

In connection with this, pressing needs of the Seminary are, like; Scholarship needs, Library needs, distance education books publication needs, printing machine purchasing needs, also multipurpose meeting hall plantation, and building a five flat building needs These needs are outlined under.

1. Scholarship Needs 

Beneficiaries- 7 students

Duration- 4 Semesters (2017-2018)

Expense per one student, per semester- 7000

Total Cost: 7x4x7000= 196,000 Eth Birr/15000 USD

2. Library Needs

Additional Books; 100,000 Eth Birr

Total Cost=100,000 Eth Birr/9000 USD 

3. Distance Education Publication Needs 

The distance education is a diploma program created to make theological education accessible to all, wherever they are, through their native languages. The total numbers of courses are 24; but these books are so far published only in Amharic language. Our plan is to publish all 24 books in Oromifa language first, then into other native languages.

All the 24 Amharic books are currently translated into Oromifa. However, we are having difficulties as far as publishing is concerned.  This is a plea if you may extend your support to publish 24 distance education books in Oromifa Language.

Details of publishing expenses are attached herewith. 

* Each cost figure below is based on the number of pages each book may have.

  Title of Books Number of Copies Publishing Cost of each book Total Cost
1 Acts 4000 1.2 USD 4800 USD
2 Hebrew Prophets 4000 2 USD 8000 USD
3 Church Growth 4000 2.3 USD 9200 USD
4 Leadership 4000 1.3 USD 5200USD
5 Counseling 1 4000 1.5 USD 6000USD
6 Ethics and Stewardship 4000 1.45 USD 5800USD
7 Pastoral Ministry 4000 1.2 USD 4800USD
8 Ethiopian Church History 4000 1.2 USD 4800USD
9 Religious Thoughts in Ethiopia 4000 2USD 8000USD
10 Bible Doctrine 4000 2.3USD 9200USD
11 Homiletics 4000 1.3USD 5200USD
12 Romans and Galatians 4000 1.5 USD 6000USD
13 NT Survey 4000 1.45 USD 5800USD
14 OT Survey 4000 1.2 USD 4800USD
15 Pastoral Epistles 4000 2.3USD 9200USD
16 Children Women and Youth Ministry 4000 1.3 USD 5200USD
17 Pentateuch 4000 1.5USD 6000USD
18 Hebrews 4000 1.45USD 5800 USD
19 Hermeneutics 1 4000 1.2USD 4800USD
20 Eschatology 4000 1.5USD 6000USD
21 Interpreting Psalms 4000 1.45USD 5800USD
22 Christology 4000 1.2 USD 4800USD
23 Marriage and Family 4000 1.2 USD 4800USD
24 Introduction to Christian Missions 4000 2USD 8000USD
  Total 96000 37USD 148000USD

4. Duplication Machine as an alternative to the distance materials publication; 

400,000 Eth Birr/40,000 USD 

5. Multipurpose meeting hall plantation need

 Construction of a Meeting hall with a simple ‘Ega’ sheet steel structured framework; maximum estimated cost= 500,000 Eth Birr/ 50,000 USD 

6- Five flat mixed use Complex 

100,000,000 Eth Birr /9 million USD