Curriculum and Programs

EFGTS has the following programs.

The distance level study is a diploma in Bible and Theology (72 Cr Hrs);

The diploma- on campus training or in 12+branch Bible Schools (72 Cr Hrs);

The advanced diploma and the Associate degree in Leadership (90 Cr Hrs).

The Bachelor of Arts program in Bible and Theology; The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management also, The Bachelor of Arts in Missions (128 Cr Hrs).

The Master of Philosophy and Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (48 Cr Hrs)

The Master of Theology in co-operation with the South Africal Theological Seminary (SATS; 120 Cr Hrs).

The Master of Divinity (90-142 Cr Hrs).

The Master of Arts and PhD in Practical Theology; Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology (180 SA Cr Hrs) in co-operation with the University of the Free State (UFS).