Brief History

The Ethiopian Full Gospel Theological Seminary (EFGTS) is a ministry of the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers Church (EFGBC).

EFGBC is an indigenous Pentecostal church whose beginnings date back to the spontaneous students’ revival that virtually swept almost the whole nation in 1965/1966.1 Now this particular church is 50+ years old and has 9000 local churches. A total number of fully dedicated and registered members in the denomination by now is close to 9 million.2

EFGTS therefore exists to serve this large membership, training ministers from each local church initially, and is also open to anyone interested in and from outside the country. EFGTS is established through an effortful pioneer work of evangelists who envisioned this big premise in 1990. Evangelist Solomon Woldeamlack, was the first principal with the seed of the vision and has served the institution from 1990-1995; he then was assigned to be the head of the church growth and pastoral department. Then, Pr Tesfaye Gabisso replaced him until 1998. Right after him was Pr Tsadiku Abdo who has been a principal of the Seminary from 1999-2004. Then Pr Tsadiku  Abdo was assigned for a higher responsibility being a general secretary of the national church. After him  Dr Esckinder Taddesse has replaced him as a principal from 2004-2009.

EFGTS is now operating with different level programs as the Master of Philosophy in intercultural studies, Master of Arts in intercultural studies; Master of divinity in biblical and Theological studies; Master of Theology; Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management; Bachelor of Arts in Mission studies; Associate degree; the advanced diploma level, the diploma level which is held in 17 extension zonal bible colleges sited at the North, South, East and Western part of the country. The last level is the associate diploma level program held at a correspondence level which is now our main tool to achieve the vision of the college, making theological education available to all.