The Ethiopian Full Gospel Theological Seminary (EFGTS),   was built on the vision of its founding organization, Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers Church (EFGBC) in 1988; to help, train, develop, and mobilize Christian leaders in Ethiopia and around the world on the way to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ.



This commitment to develop men and women as effective leaders led EFGTS to establish variety of specialties like the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology; The Master of Theology in Biblical and Theological Studies; the Master of Arts in intercultural studies also in Practical Theology; the Master of Philosophy in inter-cultural Studies; The Master of Divinity in biblical-theological studies also in practical theology; the Doctor of Theology with Biblical and theological focus also the Doctor of Philosophy in Practical theology. These all programs were the outcome of a gradual process within the last 29 years from 1988-2017.


For all the programs above EFGTS has secured competent faculty members



EFGTS also signed agreements with international partners like the Association for Christian Theological studies in Africa (ACTEA)- for programs under the bachelor of theology; the South African Theological Seminary (SATS); the University of the Free State (UFS)-for graduate and post graduate programs. EFGTS is also a founding member of Association of Theological Institutions in Ethiopia (ATIE).


From 2004 onwards EFGTS expanded its coverage to almost all regions of the nation, getting represented by 17 Bible colleges and more than 60 theological centers becoming the leading institution with representation all over the nation.EFGTS is still expanding opening centers of theological study at Lebanon; Italy; South Africa to become the Full Gospel International School of Theology.

In 1988 Dr. Solomon Woldeamlack was chosen as Director of EFGTS.  Next to him in 1995-1997 Pr Tesfaye Gabisso became the Director. Then Pr Tadiku Abdo from 1998-2005 and Dr. Esckinder Taddesse from 2005-2011, also from Jan 2016- to date. 



To have greater impact in a more strategic location, EFGTS is located at the North gate of Addis, 3 kms from Diaspora square. EFGTS  campus now has 3,000 sq. m. of dorms, offices, library, and classrooms in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia.

The school has grown significantly. The resident school population now includes about 500 students from all regions and the non resident including in all the regions close to 4000. Others prepare themselves as missionaries to the East and North Africa and the middle east through studies on the Master of Theology, the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts also Master of Philosophy  in Intercultural Studies major, Master of Arts in Practical Theology, and PhD in practical theology.

The current EFGTS  Progressive developments:

Over its 29-year history, the variety and scope of its programs, the number of faculty, and the corresponding impact of the school have greatly increased. Extension programs now reach almost 6,000 people each year through short-term training programs for rural pastors, seminars for Christian leaders in various centers, and evening classes in Addis Ababa.


EFGTS  graduates serve in significant ministries around Africa and other parts of the world. They participate in urban church planting, tribal outreach, ground-breaking gospel teaching among unreached peoples, rural pastors training, missionary training and mobilization, and Bible school leadership. Some are now leading nonprofit organizations in other sectors of society. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of EFGTS  graduates continue in full-time ministry.

 Aug 2016 was a special event in the historical momentum of EFGTS awarding pioneers in Ethiopian evangelicalism.  By God’s grace, EFGTS continues to fulfill a strategic role in equipping African Christian leaders to help fulfill the Great Commission in our generation.

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