Dear All!

Ethiopian Full Gospel in Retrospect and Prospect!

50 plus years in retrospect also looking ahead in panorama, dual images run in our mind. The Ethiopian church, particularly the Ethiopian Full Gospel has been moving from informality to formal set ups; from trail and error to indoctrination; from scissors and paste practice into self identification; from a wrongly branded, out casted, small community, into a renewing, refreshing water, also a source of revival flowing to other denominations: from a small tiny seed level community into a huge sheltering home.


In all the back and forth movements, theological education through our Full Gospel Theological Seminary (EFGTS), also our 17 branch Bible colleges everywhere in the country, and 54 plus distance education centers,  played a pivotal role bringing paradigm shifts, also empowering the Ethiopian Church. Currently, EFGTS is a candidate accredited member of ACTEA; a founding member of ATIE; also partnering with SATS, and the university of the Free State (UFS).

I think this is the time to look beyond the horizons; therefore, I encourage you all to join EFFGTS also to move the Ethiopian Church, missionally and theologically, beyond the nation’s vicinity into the entire world.

Dr. Esckinder Taddesse

EFGTS Interim Principal